Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pain Free 2013 Part V : Pain Free Medicine Cabinet

When you’re striving for a pain-free life, especially a natural one, there are a few things that you will benefit from having on hand.

Arnica Gel and Homeopathic Tablets
Arnica is particularly useful for sore muscles and bruising.  The gel can be used for massage and topical application to contusions while the tablets sooth tightly wound or overworked muscles.

White Willow Bark and Turmeric Capsules
White willow bark contains a substance called salicin, which is a predecessor to aspirin and functions as a pain reliever. Turmeric serves as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Ice Packs and Heat Packs
Ice and heat therapy can both be very beneficial in fighting pain. Remember, ice is primarily for acute pain (e.g. decreasing swelling after a sprain).  Heat helps with more chronic problems (e.g. tight muscles from repeated stress injuries.)

Sore No More!
Nothing works quite as quickly as a topical analgesic which provides nerve numbing agents for instant pain relief as well as compounds that work on deeper muscles.  Never hurts to have a tub of Sore No More on hand to apply to pulled muscles or to add to your bath.

Learning stretches that can sooth aching muscles, breathing techniques to combat pain and meditation exercises can all supplement your all natural, pain free regimen.  

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