Friday, January 3, 2014

Arnica Your Pain Away!

For those that turn to homeopathics for their health needs, Arnica Montana is renowned for its assistance in treating pain.  While there are many kinds of Arnica, those that are most beneficial for muscle pain and bruising contain an anti-inflammatory compound called helenalin.

Topical preparations of arnica are commonly used by athletes for sore muscles, to sooth contusions and in cases of arthritis.  Topical applications can cause skin sensitivities in some, so do a patch test first! Once you’ve established that you’re not having an adverse response, keep a tube of arnica gel or cream on hand.  (We haven’t tested out the use of Arnica in conjunction with Sore No More, but imagine it would probably prove even more effective!  (Again, patch test for safety!)

Arnica can also be used in homeopathic form.  Those familiar with homeopathics will understand the ‘like treats like’ principal behind them.  Homeopathics are highly diluted versions of a particular substance and can often be found in either liquid or tablet form.  The tablets are dissolved under the tongue and have many rave reviews regarding their effectiveness.

If Arnica is not something you have previously tried for pain relief, it is worth taking into consideration.  Even better? It’s safe for your pets!

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