Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eat Your Arthritis Away

 It is well understood that what you put into your body can have a positive or negative impact on your health.  Different fresh foods can help with a variety of health problems including that which ails many of our customers, arthritis.  The following are a few food items that may help combat arthritis pain.

 Cabbage- Eat three or more times a week, preferably in raw form to maintain vital nutrients.   
Added bonus: Also helps protect against colds

Ginger- Use to spice foods or make into a tea a few times a week.  Fresh ginger has the greatest health benefits.
Added bonus: Stimulates digestion

Flax Seed- 2-3 tablespoons per day.  It's best to get whole flax seeds and store them in the fridge, grind them up so that your body can absorb the nutrients.  They can be added to cereals, salads and baked goods for an added nutritional punch and they are full of healthful oils.
Added bonus: Lowers levels of bad cholesterol.

Other foods that may help combat arthritis pain: cherries, 'fatty' fish, garlic, lettuce, orange and turmeric.

Consider adding some of these foods and see if your arthritis pain decreases.

*Information taken from the book 'The Very Best Healing Foods' by Rachel Fontaine.  Sore No More is in no way affiliated with this book and has not been compensated in any way for its use in this article*

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