Sore No More has been a must for my exercise routine. I apply some on my neck and lower back before I work out on my treadmill, bike, and weights. It is transdermal, meaning it gets right through the skin and down deep into the muscles. I have never tried anything like this that lasts for hours. The best effects are using it before you exercise, not to mentain prevention of pain! You only need to use it in small amounts and it does the job! If I forget to use my Sore No More, then I do feel the soreness of exercise, so I never forget! It is well worth a try!
Kimberlee Jones
Grand Junction, CO

I tried the sample and loved it. I am sending off an order today for a larger container. It has helped my carpal tunnel and lower back pain. The product doesn't have the medicine smell or an offensive odor; it smells very fresh. The scent fades away, but the relief stays. Thanks for a great product. I'm sold on it!!!
C. Sharp

I just received my free sample in the mail this afternoon. I am 43 and I have rheumatoid arthrits and fibromyia and osteoarthristis and bursitis, so I am in alot of pain all the time and I have tried everything. I put some of the sorenomore on my hands first and it started making my hands feel better and all of a sudden I was rubbing it on all my joints and they also started feeling better so I think tonight I will get a goods nights sleep something I havent had in almost two years. thank you so much for the sample and I will be ordering some more. thank you!!
Marcia Grandstaff

I tried sore no more for my back and it worked great. Then my mother just had knee surgery and was having terrible cramps on her calves, she tried every ointment she had at home and nothing seemed to work. I had purchased a jar and thought my mother should try it. Guess what she has had so much relief and can sleep without getting up with cramps. Thank you this is great stuff.
Lucy Padilla
Espanola, NM

I tried your product during a recent rock climbing excursion to Moab, UT. Wow, what quick relief. I finished my first batch and just ordered 2 more jars. This is a product I believe in and have recommended. If you ever wanted to expand your distribution in the east, I would gladly help sore no more sell itself.
Richard Steinberg
New York, NY

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