Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's The Cost of Pain Management For You?

Chronic pain is a very real problem in America.  Whether it’s due to injury, disease or a sedentary lifestyle, it has taken over the lives of so many and the amount spent every year on pain medication is staggering.  

In 2011, 307 billion dollars was spent on prescription medication.  While cancer medications and antidepressants top the charts, pain killers aren’t far behind.  In early 2011 studies showed that the United States consumes 80% of the world opioids (the most common of which is Vicodin.)   So the question stands; are Americans really managing their chronic pain or are there better ways?

It is suggested that a healthy lifestyle, including an anti-inflammatory diet, regular exercise and the use of natural pain relievers like Sore No More can manage chronic pain more effectively than prescription pain medications.  We can help you out!

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