Saturday, October 18, 2014

Decaffeinate your Pain Away?

Black? Cream and Sugar? Coffee is a very popular beverage that many people rely heavily on to get them through a day.  It can be the bright motivation that gets a person out of bed and the liquid sustenance that keeps them moving through the day.  The question is, in terms of pain levels, is coffee helping or hindering?

Some things to consider
Coffee can decrease depression, which has been associated with chronic pain.
Coffee can increase dehydration, which can cause muscle and joint pain.
Coffee can increase motivation and energy which can help you complete tasks that will decrease pain (like exercise).
Coffee has been associated with headaches.
Coffee can impact muscle tension, which can increase chronic pain.
Coffee can impact adrenal function, which can increase chronic pain.

All of this information and more (including links to studies) is scattered across the internet. The following links will give you some pro-coffee information and some anti-coffee feedback.

What does it come down to? You have to make a choice for yourself.  For some people coffee is a wonder drug that helps with their chronic pain problems. For others it makes things much worse. Take some time to look at coffee for what it really is- a drug. Do your research, do some experimentation with dosages/what time of day to drink it/etc.  Comment on this post with what has worked best for you!

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  1. Coffee is unpredictable. It works wonders for some and for some other it only brings negative effects. Pain can't be experimented with. A surefire way like the use of Laser Pain Therapy is a must for treating acute pain.

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  3. Actually You are right. Life is too short so we should forget our stress and enjoy each and every day of our life.

  4. I have back pain every so often. I wonder if drinking coffee would help relive some of that pain. It sounds like there are enough benefits that it would be worth trying out.

  5. I have had terrible back pain ever since I was a little girl. I grew up thinking that everyone had the same problem. Later on, I realized that it was just me. I have tried so many things, and I feel like I have ran out of options. I am willing to try just about anything at this point.

  6. Thanks for presenting both sides of coffee. I agree, there are a lot of pros and cons. It seems like that's the way it is with everything to with my back pain-- I just have to decide for myself. I think everything should be consumed in moderation, though-- too much of anything and it won't help at all. |

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  8. Sometimes I wonder if things like coffee simple have a placebo affect when it comes to pain management. It would be interesting if they could do some kind of study on it. That being said though I don' think there's anything wrong with placebos, they can be very effective in a lot of patients. For severe pain people should use prescription pain meds though.

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