Saturday, October 18, 2014

Decaffeinate your Pain Away?

Black? Cream and Sugar? Coffee is a very popular beverage that many people rely heavily on to get them through a day.  It can be the bright motivation that gets a person out of bed and the liquid sustenance that keeps them moving through the day.  The question is, in terms of pain levels, is coffee helping or hindering?

Some things to consider
Coffee can decrease depression, which has been associated with chronic pain.
Coffee can increase dehydration, which can cause muscle and joint pain.
Coffee can increase motivation and energy which can help you complete tasks that will decrease pain (like exercise).
Coffee has been associated with headaches.
Coffee can impact muscle tension, which can increase chronic pain.
Coffee can impact adrenal function, which can increase chronic pain.

All of this information and more (including links to studies) is scattered across the internet. The following links will give you some pro-coffee information and some anti-coffee feedback.

What does it come down to? You have to make a choice for yourself.  For some people coffee is a wonder drug that helps with their chronic pain problems. For others it makes things much worse. Take some time to look at coffee for what it really is- a drug. Do your research, do some experimentation with dosages/what time of day to drink it/etc.  Comment on this post with what has worked best for you!

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